Spay or Neuter a Street Dog in Iquitos, Peru
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Your compassion helps save stray dogs in Iquitos, Peru.

The Iquitos area has thousands of dogs, most of them roaming the streets and foraging on scraps and garbage. The population reproduces at high rates, and dogs and puppies alike are loaded with parasites. Not only are the dogs in poor health, but due to the poverty in Iquitos, diseases that affect them are also transmitted to humans.

Animal birth control (ABC) programs are the most efficient and humane way to control stray populations and promote health among street dogs, and the people they come into contact with.

AmazonCARES is the only domestic animal welfare charity in the region. Since 2004 they have spayed or neutered more than 24,000 animals, provided anti-parasite medications to more than 21,000 people, and rescued hundreds of dogs and cats. This tremendous effort to care for strays in dire need has been accomplished with the help of more than 500 volunteers, as well as Peruvian veterinarians and shelter staff.

You can help this good work continue. Just $18 spays or neuters a dog in Iquitos, Peru. Thank you for your friendly support!

Founded in 2004, Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education Safety (CARES) seeks better health and living conditions for ALL living beings of the Peruvian Amazon region. This includes appropriate care, respect, and protection from cruelty and neglect. International veterinary volunteers visit Iquitos five or six times per year to assist with spay/neuter campaigns in jungle towns where there is no veterinary care available. has ultimate authority and discretion with regard to the distribution of its funds. All expenditures made are consistent with the exempt purposes of

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