Protect Endangered Asian Elephants
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Help rescue and care for Asian elephants.

Throughout Asia, elephants need your help. Most Asian elephants are captive, as their natural habitats have been logged and otherwise destroyed. These highly social, sensitive creatures spend their days chained and forced to work in the logging, trekking, and tourism industries. Baby elephants are separated from their mothers at an early age, forced to beg in the streets, and give elephant rides to tourists when they grow larger. All captive elephants go through a traditional breaking process involving starvation and abuse until they are forced to cooperate. works with several reputable partners in Asia who aim to protect, rescue, and rehabilitate captive Asian elephants. We support sanctuaries like Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, and Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary in Cambodia, where visitors can experience elephants living freely in family groups. The elephants that come to such sanctuaries have both emotional and physical scars. Our partners work to rehabilitate these animals and give them a safe space to live peaceful lives. In addition to focusing on the elephants, our partners work with local communities to help shift the paradigm from "breaking and bull hook" to "love and bananas."

But the challenges don't end in the sanctuary. More protected land is needed to provide for current and future rescued elephants. With planting and reforestation projects, food will grow naturally for these gentle giants. However, we need to create protective boundaries around the land our partners have, and continue to set aside, for these elephants. This will keep poachers and loggers off sanctuary land, and make sure the elephants don't roam into unsafe territory.

The land our partners are striving to protect is also home to other wildlife. With your help, the people of the world will be able to visit these spaces to view and learn about the region's wildlife in a way that supports conservation and preservation.

You can help. Your donation will support the work of our trusted partners to protect and care for rescued Asian elephants. has ultimate authority and discretion with regard to the distribution of its funds. All expenditures made are consistent with the exempt purposes of

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