Save a Dogs Leg in India
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Help provide treatment to injured dogs.

Just Be Friendly in NE India, is the region's only Animal Welfare Organization. All animals who come through their doors are sterilized and vaccinated. India is growing, and so is its traffic, creating more misery for wandering street dogs. Up to 90% of emergency dog cases that enter Just Be Friendly have fractured and broken bones from vehicle accidents. These injuries often require surgery or even amputation. The vets are ready to help but don't have the right equipment.

Just Be Friendly's new orthopedic operating room is in need of an x-ray machine. This will allow vets to properly heal fractures and reduce unnecessary amputations to save dogs' legs. With properly healed legs, community dogs are better able to survive on the street and are more easily adoptable. With traffic only expected to increase, fractured bones can be expected to as well. With your help, Just Be Friendly can prepare!

You can help. Just $5 helps contribute money towards buying an x-ray machine.

India's animals have strong indigenous allies. The nation is blessed with many dedicated animal welfare organizations. Help Animals India seeks out the best of these under funded organizations to provide financial and practical assistance where it can make the most difference. has ultimate authority and discretion with regard to the distribution of its funds. All expenditures made are consistent with the exempt purposes of

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