Therapy Dogs for Young Victims of Violent Crimes
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Provide comfort to frightened and traumatized child victims of violent crimes in the courtroom.

One in four girls and one in six boys are victims of abuse by the age of eighteen. Studies indicate these children often suffer from heightened feelings of anxiety, guilt, and an inability to trust adults. In court, trauma is revisited - children may have to testify against a family member, or spend significant time apart from their own support systems.

The Roxy Reading Courthouse Therapy Dogs Program is dedicated to providing comfort to young victims of violent crimes needing to testify in the courtroom. The presence of therapy dogs gives these children a much needed sense of relaxation to get them through a strenuous day of legal proceedings. In addition to the real courthouse therapy dogs, children are also given a stuffed animal puppy to take home and bring additional comfort. The program's success is being used as a model for programs benefiting children across the United States.

You can help. Just $36 provides comfort to a child victim for one full day in court.

Roxy Reading is an all-volunteer, donation dependent organization whose registered pet therapy teams promote literacy in schools, deliver comfort to children navigating the court system, bring relief to young victims of violent crimes, and support to medically fragile kids residing in group homes. has ultimate authority and discretion with regard to the distribution of its funds. All expenditures made are consistent with the exempt purposes of

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