Help Spay/Neuter Pets at a Free Clinic
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Help Spay/Neuter Pets for Free in Long Beach, California!

In the city of Long Beach, California, pet overpopulation is a serious issue. Spaying or neutering companion animals makes sure the all-too-numerous population of unwanted kittens and puppies doesn't grow, and gives dogs and cats already in shelters the best chance for adoption. For people already struggling to make ends meet, the cost of spaying or neutering pets may pose a significant obstacle for owners. Noticing the high number of Long Beach residents without the money to spay/neuter their pets, Fix Long Beach was established to lend a helping hand.

Fix Long Beach takes a grassroots approach to offer free spay/neuter to low-income residents. Fix Long Beach volunteers go into low-income neighborhoods to education residents about animal overpopulation. Staff members literally knock on resident's doors and offer to fix their animals for free. Fix Long Beach is funded solely from donations with an ambitious goal to end pet euthanasia at their local shelter. The program has successfully spayed/neutered 2200 pets since June of 2013, which has dramatically reduced the intake of cats/dogs at shelters. In order to continue serving their community, donations are needed to ensure Fix Long Beach can spay/neuter as many pets as possible.

You can help. Just $40 provides all the necessary vaccinations for one puppy or kitten. has ultimate authority and discretion with regard to the distribution of its funds. All expenditures made are consistent with the exempt purposes of

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