Guardian Gear® Ride Right Classic Car Dog Harness

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Keep your pooch buckled in safely while driving! This sturdy nylon harness features thick straps and a secure clip-in lead to keep your pet secure while the car is in motion.

  • Nylon
  • Universal seat belt clip fits most vehicles
    Note: Does not fit SAABs, Volvos, or Ford Explorers
  • Adjustable safety strap allows pets to sit, lie down, or stand comfortably
  • Imported

  • XS: Fits necks 12"-20" (30.4-50.8 cm), chests 16-22" (40.6-55.8 cm)
  • S/M: Fits necks 16"-24" (40.6 x 61 cm), chests 18"-28" (45.7-71.1 cm)
  • L: Fits necks 18"-30" (45.7-76.2 cm), chests 24"-34" (61-86.3 cm)
  • XL: Fits necks 24"-34" (61-86.3 cm), chests 28"-44" (71.1-111.7 cm)
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