Help Spay or Neuter Stray Animals in Greece!

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Help reduce stray dog/cat overpopulation in Greece!

The stray dog and cat population in Greece is a serious problem. On the streets of Greece, cats and dogs often lose their life due to vehicle accidents, being poisoned by humans, or dying from hunger, thirst or disease. There are simply too many stray animals to help with adoption alone. Spaying and neutering these animals is the only humane solution. Argos Animal Welfare Society is helping by providing spay/neuter to as many cats, kittens, dogs and puppies as possible, but they need our help.

Neutering stray cats and dogs will not only reduce the number of companion animals born on the streets, but improve the welfare of adult animals as well. In areas where the strays have been neutered, people pend to treat them better and are less likely to poison these poor animals. Once the number of homeless dogs and cats is reduced to a manageable number, Argo Greece will better equipped to focus their efforts on providing successful adoptions to their local community.

You can help. Just $35 provides one spay/neuter for one stray cat in Greece.

Argo Greece's mission is to protect all animals in Greece. Due to huge overpopulation and abuse of strays in Greece, their primary mission is providing spay/neuter to stray dogs and cats.

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