Rescue Pet Victims of House Fires

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Help families who have lost everything keep their pets alive and well.

In the United States alone, fire departments respond to an average of 366,600 home structure fires each year. When families lose their home and possessions, the fate of their pets is often overlooked. The Red Paw Emergency Relief Team is dedicated to helping companion animals when families fall victim to fires and other disasters in their home.

Each year, Red Paw assists more than 500 animals with emergency medical care and ongoing wellness. This organization helps low-income families who face nearly insurmountable challenges associated with disasters in their home and covers the costs of treatment for pet injuries related to the disaster. When disasters like a home fire hit, Red Paw allows owners to remain with their pets when they need it most.

You can help. Just $25 pays for 7 days of pain medication for one hospitalized pet suffering from smoke inhalation. Help save animal victims of home fires by donating today!

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