Rescued Frame & Engraveable Pet Tag Set

Feeds 71 Shelter Animals!
SKU: S- 130001

Product ID: 9808566026
Variant ID: 35581655114

Rescued-- thank you for finding me... you saw the loneliness in my eyes. I needed you, a new best friend... to come into my life. A pet's love, so generous... unconditional and carefree. I didn't rescue you, it was you... who rescued me"

Though you may have adopted your furry friend, they were the one to rescue you. Honor their memory with this simple frame, which includes a touching poem, a frame for your friend's photograph, and a ribbon to hold their tag.

  • Wood, glass, polyester, & metal
  • Fits 5" x 7" photos
  • Included tag is engraveable
  • 11.75" L x 8" H (29.8 x 20.3 cm)
  • Imported
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