Fund a Heartworm Treatment Clinic for Dogs
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Help prevent a devastating disease before it starts by providing dogs with heartworm prevention medication!

Every year, many dogs in shelters across the country are euthanized because they test Heartworm positive. Additionally, treatment for Heartworm disease is the highest medical expense for rescues and shelters. This is particularly devastating for dogs in New Orleans, where up to 80% of dogs are affected due to a high mosquito population. Low-income residents own a vast majority of heartworm positive dogs - making education and preventative medication the best option for treatment.

The Inner Pup of New Orleans plans to hold monthly clinics where a safe over-the-counter medication will be dispensed to dogs to prevent heart worm disease. Treatments will also include flea/tic prevention and common skin disorder treatment. Growing this program will lower the number of heart worm positive dogs in the community and help low-income families that cannot afford veterinarian expenses. In turn, this will reduce the already overcrowded shelters and rescues in New Orleans.

You can help. Just $16.67 provides one dog with heartworm and flea/tick prevention medication for one dog for one month. Help dogs receive treatment by donating today!

The Inner Pup of New Orleans' primary mission is to empower people to end to the suffering, abuse, and homelessness of companion animals through education and outreach. has ultimate authority and discretion with regard to the distribution of its funds. All expenditures made are consistent with the exempt purposes of

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