Madrean Discovery: Save the Sonoran Sky Islands
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SKU: S- 140779 is celebrating 10 Years of Giving Where It Matters! Help us save the Sonoran Sky Islands! When you #Give10, you will help fund 1/2 day of scientist research to study and protect one of the worlds' #1 biodiversity hotspots.

The Madrean Archipelago is a core area of the Mexican Pine-oak Forest global biodiversity hotspot, stretching from Arizona and New Mexico to the Sierra Madre Occidental in Sonora, Mexico. There are 55 Sky Island mountain ranges in the region, 32 of which are in Sonora. These rich habitats are home to a great diversity of animals and plants, from elusive jaguars to turtles, butterflies, lizards, and migratory birds and bats. 

However, these ecosystems in Mexico are vastly understudied, endangering the land and species that exist there. We must understand the complexities of the Sky Island ecosystems in order to protect them.

Madrean Discovery Expeditions, a signature program of GGO, does just that. Twice a year, a uniquely qualified group of scientists, land managers, students, photographers, and more, split roughly equally between Mexican and North American nationals, embarks on a multi-day expedition to one of the understudied Sky Island mountain ranges in Sonora. This information is then stored in an open-source database for the world to share, study, and use to preserve these unique ecosystems forever.

Since 2009, there have been 13 major expeditions. We invite you to be a part of the movement to conserve our Sky Island ecosystems and empower our communities. Every dollar raised will go directly toward funding the expeditions. Even a small contribution can make a big difference. For just $19.34 you can fund one day of field work for a scientist!  

About Madrean Discovery:

Madrean Discovery Expeditions is a Signature Program of whose mission is to explore, study, and protect the Madrean Archipelago in Sonora, Mexico. All biodiversity observations made during the expeditions to these unique ecosystems are stored in an open-source database, used for conservation, research, and education. has ultimate authority and discretion with regard to the distribution of its funds. All expenditures made are consistent with the exempt purposes of

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